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Harpers Blessing Day

Theo's favorite- Aunt"Ware"-Jillair

My handsome husband and cousin Andy-visiting from FLA.
My "worrying about her future"look.
I can't get enough of these photos.  Theo thinks he's so cool when he gets to hold his sister.

One very soaked Jack.  About the only shot we could get of him all day as he was occupied by the rain storm.

Pretty Anamarie pining for another...

Two of my beautiful nieces-Sophia and Olivia.  Wish I could fit into those dresses.

I dont know how she got him to be held like this.

My brother Graham's family-Graham, Anamarie, Tyler, Sophia, Cole and Olivia

We had a wonderful day on Sunday as Blake blessed our girl.  My mom, brother Graham and family, cousin Andy and of course Jillair and Brycen were able to make it.  The blessing was sweet and ...just perfect.  Although her noggin was a bit too large for the bonnet to fit just right, she looked smashing in her dress-thank you mom!  What a lovely thing it is to name and bless your child as it allows you re-reflection on the wonders of life and the blessings of the gospel.
(Sorry about the random-ness of the picture order.  Technical difficulties and laziness dont mix)


Look how far we've come!

                                         My lil feller has turned "deeew"!!!  

In light of this wonderful day, here are just a few reasons why this kid is just the BEST!
                                              Theo Elliot Shirley:
           AKA: Chuck, Feo, T-Bone, Fee-da-B, Theo-B-Deo, Crazy T's,  Feezers and so forth

1.  His fiery red curly hair, of course!
2.  His glowing white skin which sets off his fiery red hair, eye brows and golden eyes.
3.  The fact that he is the living definition of a 2 year old- he's been known to bite, hit, spit, push, throw tantrums, climb on the counters, eat lost snacks found under couch cushions, etc.  If it's been done, he's done it too.
4.  He's a little dare devil/thrill seeker.  I will think this is wonderful until the ED visits begin...
5.  If enough time has gone by since eating them, he will down an entire can of carrots, green beans, peas in 2 minutes flat.
6.  He looks devilishly handsome in a bow tie.
7.  He can now actually sit still and allow his finger nails to be cut and will willingly lay down for a diaper change.  You don't know how much this means to me.
8.  He loves to "weedabuk" (read a book, for those of you who dont speak toddler) and has finally stopped taking them ALL off the shelf as he chooses one.
9.  He passionately loves worms, usually turning one into 2 or 3.  oops.
10.  He is lost without his brother Jack who he emulates and annoys to no end,  he regularly kisses his sister and wont leave her alone until he has secured a pacifier in her mouth, and even if he sneaks a little bite on my thigh as he runs and hugs my legs or leaves streaks of snot on his dads shirts as he is trying to leave for work, we wouldn't be complete without this guy in our lives.  
Theo, you've kept us running since the day your were born.  You whipped us into parents as you toyed with our sanity in those early months of your life.  Yes, you were the baby most could say, "well at least our child doesn't do THAT" (scream for HOURS on end).  But look at you now.  You are just the greatest in our eyes.  So easy to please, so tough, so sweet and loving.  You are stubborn to no end and exasperate us regularly but Heavenly Father made you with that special angel face and beautiful smile to melt our frustrations and thank him daily for our sweet boy.  We love you like crazy lil Theo!!


Until I find something more important to say...

Just because I can, Im posting these pictures of my kids who I find awfully cute.  Agree with me or not there is no changing my mind.  No other reason for this post and really no other reason needed.


For the Record

There is a certain person I know who zips around town in one of these:and just for the record, we think she is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

         (Thank you for your random acts of kindness)


Question of the day

Theo spilled some strawberry yogurt on the living room chair 4 days ago.  So why is it still there?



3 things I know for sure about one Theo Elliott Shirley:
1. He is the cutest red-head I've ever met (sorry Elise).
2. He is stubborn. Boy is he!
3. His greatest love in life is CANDY!!! or Ganny!!!
WARNING! Video is longer than necessary and may only be funny to me...


How to tell if your a mom

1. You willing allow your kids to take each clean wipe out of the holder because you know it will keep them happy/quiet for about 3 minutes.
2. Your fishing poop, yes poop, out of the bath tub. AND your not even phased because it isn't the first time you've done this and your guessing it wont be the last.
3. You jump out of the shower to respond to the scream of your child only to find out it's because the Emergency Test System has interrupted his Caillou time.
4. Yes, your taking a shower at 12:30 in the afternoon. After all, it's the only time the younger 2 are napping at the same time and a program as stimulating as Caillou will keep your eldest engaged for 1/2 hour.
5. Your coming up with this idea for your next blog post in the shower, after the aforesaid emergency, because it's the only 15 minutes of your day that its quiet enough to think.
6. You've made peace with the fact that you bribe your kids with candy to get through grocery shopping. OK, OK, any shopping, car ride, church, visit to a friends...
7. You've also made peace with the fact that to get through dinner there is a pre-set number of bites of each food on their plate they need to have. At least there are clear expectations for both sides.
8. Dessert happily consists of Ready Whipp sprayed into each mouth. Makes for fewer bowls to clean.
9. You naturally help yourself to the above treat. A few times a day.
10. Your lunch consists of Goldfish crackers, string cheese and juice. And you feel proud knowing it consists of 3 of the 5 food groups!
11. You wipe your child's nose with the bottom of your sweatshirt and don't see the need to change it for the day. After all, you were smart enough to use the inside of it this time. (Don't pretend you haven't done the same)
12. You wish your husband was as satisified with your jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirt combo. you rock each day as you are.
13. You pay the neighbor girl 5 bucks to watch the boys outside for 1/2 hour so you can feed the baby in peace.
14. You feel slightly guilty writing a blog post when you've been dressing your kids from the pile of clothes on the floor in your room because clearly folding and putting away laundry isn't high on your to-do list.
15. You feel slightly more guilty writing a blog post as your child screams for you to get him out of the crib. However, the feeling of gratitude that he hasn't learned to climb out yet over powers that guilt.
15. Only now that all 3 are crying do you feel the need to get off the computer.


Week 5

Going from a 2 to 3 kid mom has forced me into accepting some normally untolerated behaviors and giving in to things I vowed to never do. To make it through the day, we (the boys) often take up to 3 baths, eat candy or cookies with breakfast (note, not for, but with. I do fight some battles...), leave spilled Goldfish, milk, partially eaten apples etc. on the living room floor until bedtime, dig up the front yard, climb onto and into things we shouldn't (as seen below) and various other deviant and socially unacceptable behaviors. As I am forced to relinquish power over things simply because there is not enough of me to go around to fulfill everyones needs, I am noticing what a controll freak I am/was. This may be a good lesson for me in the long run, if I don't crack first. As we approach week 5 with our Harper, things are not getting back to normal, or normal for us, but are becoming more predictable at least. I can live with that.

Though she may be the one to "blame" for throwing us off our rhythm and putting me down in the books as one of "those moms", it's all worth it to look at this beautiful face everyday. We love our Harper.



She's made it safe and sound. Our sweet girl was born February 16th after a very smooth induction. The delivery was great, straightforward with no incident or alarms. She weighed
7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20.5 inches long (oddly the exact specs. of Jack's and born on the same day). She is very peaceful and is recieving plenty of love from her brothers. Theo is quick to kiss her and then give her a little smack or squeeze right after. Jack keeps telling me "good job mom, you made a cute baby". We are enjoying her and feel overwhelming joy and gratitude for being blessed with this beautiful gift from Heavenly Father. We are also feeling grateful for the time others have taken to visit us and for all the help in way of meals and babysitting offers we have recieved from our dear friends and family. Thank You everyone for your love!

Just 'cuz he's so cute too...